Quality continuous flight augering (CFA) in Dorset & Hampshire

Have you been looking into Continuous flight augering and require the help of an experienced and professional company? Piling & Foundations Ltd can assist with all kinds of continuous flight augering for the most competitive price. To speak to a member of our team about a project you have planned, contact us now.

A piling innovation since 1966

CFA provides a diverse and minimal vibration solution to piling in close proximity to neighbouring properties whilst also being cost effective. By excavating to the required depth, our CFA technology can then inject concrete under pressure into the cavity as the auger is released.

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Why choose us for CFA?

• We use the latest technology
• We us cutting edge construction methods
• Our prices are affordable
• Free quotes
• Over 20 years of experience
• Our pile capacities range from 300mm diameter – 400Kn to 750mm diameter – 2800Kn